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About Us

The Need:

More than 6 million people die annually from treatable diseases in India. There are still only 10 physicians per 100,000 people in rural areas, and the majority of the population does not have access to high quality healthcare as a result of high costs. Additionally, while 50% of the upper-class has health insurance, only 10% of the overall population is covered.

Our Mission:

Mobilizing Health, a non-profit based in California, is committed to increasing access to emergency and preventative health care for rural populations through the use of mobile technology.

We connect villagers in the developing world to licensed practitioners using an SMS platform. Through this simple and cost-effective design, we will help the most vulnerable members of our society battle the poor health outcomes that are a result of lack of access to healthcare, poverty, underprivileged environment, and other social injustices.

Mobilizing Health provides access to basic preventive health care information, which will be an integral part of an equitable, comprehensive healthcare system. Ultimately, we will be able to combat neglected chronic diseases such as cardiovascular illnesses and diabetes and play a major role in eradicating malaria and tuberculosis.