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About Us

Imagine an American South in which every child is safe and healthy, nurtured by a loving family, receives a high-quality education, graduates from high school and achieves a post-secondary education.

Imagine an American South in which all adults have career opportunities in diverse industries with opportunities for advancement, live in reasonably-priced housing in safe communities, and have accessible and affordable health care.

Imagine an American South with a thriving business climate that supports entrepreneurial innovation, the growth of small businesses and corporate expansion.

Imagine a South whose citizens are fully engaged in the democratic process and turn out in large numbers to make their voices heard. And imagine an American South that preserves and respects its bountiful natural resources, while also leading the country in energy conservation and the efficient use of renewable resources.

Just imagine.


The Center for a Better South is a pragmatic, non-partisan think tank dedicated to developing progressive ideas, policies and information for thinking leaders who want to make a difference in the American South.