New Haven Works Jobs Pipeline

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205 Whitney Ave
Suite 106
New Haven
United States

About Us

Mission Statement: New Haven Works seeks to build a middle class in an urban center and improve economic stability in all communities by providing employers with a trained and qualified workforce and connecting New Haven residents to good jobs.

Vision: New Haven Works collaborates with major employers and small businesses, as well as workforce development providers, support services, government initiatives, and labor organizations, to develop job opportunities for New Haven residents and a qualified applicant pool for regional employers. New Haven Works' pre-screened participants can be referred to other training programs to acquire the competencies, industry-specific skills, and certifications that employers need; New Haven Works provides only the individualized case management to ensure successful placement and retention in a good job. By connecting local families to employment opportunities and regional employers to qualified New Haven residents, New Haven Works helps build stable neighborhoods and a middle-class economic base, while fostering long-term regional economic growth and development.