Academy of Clinical and Applied Psychoanalysis (ACAP)

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301 South Livingston Ave.
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About Us

Provides: an M.A> in Psychoanalysis, an M.A. in Psychoanalytic Counseling , a Certificate in Psychoanalysis leading to state certification or licensure, pro bono programs and scholarships for clinicians, educators, dyfs workers, grief counselors, health care workers who work in inner cities with our most fragile populations and have minimal training or support to prevent burn out. Offer a moderate fee treatment service where one can pay any fee affordable and continue for as long as necessary with the same therapist - without regard for the insurance system. Provide a Speakers Bureau through our Applied Division thatdesigns programs for a spectrum of groups from law enforcement professionals to educators to corporate managers on developing new communication strategies, understanding human motivation, and learning to build collaborative groups/classes/teams. Much of the Applied Division's work is Pro Bono, e.g. ACAP's work with DYFS, Child Life Specialists, and grief counselors.