Semillas Sociedad Civil

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About Us

Semillas Sociedad Civil is the parent organization overseeing Academia Semillas del Pueblo Xinaxcalmecac (Academia) and Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory High School of North America (Anahuacalmecac). Semillas Sociedad Civil began serving one hundred twenty three students in grades kindergarten through third in September 2002 through its first charter school, Academia Semillas del Pueblo. In only five years, student enrollment has grown to over three hundred students in grades kindergarten through eighth.

Academia and Anahuacalmecac are dedicated to academic excellence, an appreciation of the cultural and intellectual heritage of Indigenous Peoples and the promotion of positive social awareness. We consciously strive to provide students effective and comprehensive pedagogy through a globally inclusive curriculum within a positive, supportive learning environment involving students, teachers, parents and staff.