Conjunct Consulting

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About Us

Conjunct Consulting is Southeast Asia’s first nonprofit pro bono intermediary, mobilising youth and professionals to engage in pro bono consulting to strengthen social good organisations in Singapore. Conjunct does this through management consulting projects, strategic collaborations, and one-day corporate scalathon events. Since its inception in August 2011, Conjunct Consulting has delivered 48 consulting projects with a total of 39 non-profit partners across various sectors, with over $1 million worth of social impact being created. Conjunct Consulting equips its partners in the social sector with sustainable strategies and thought processes to ensure they are ready for future challenges. Conjunct also empowers the next generation of social sector leaders with the business skills and knowledge needed for continual strategic change.

In order for the social sector to maximise its impact and achieve its intended missions, it needs resources and knowledge that may be inaccessible. At Conjunct Consulting, we avail to all our clients the business expertise of our consulting teams of professionals and tertiary students, thus bridging that gap between the social sector and the business world.