Boys Hope Girls Hope of Kansas City

  • Kansas


7700 Wedd Street
Suite 15
Overland Park
United States

About Us

Boys Hope Girls Hope of Kansas City helps academically capable and motivated boys in need to meet their full potential and become men for others by providing a value-centered, family-like home, opportunities and education through college.

Boys Hope Girls Hope of Kansas City provides a stable home, nurturing care and academic scholarship to bright and motivated boys from challenging circumstances. Our scholars come to us from a variety of adverse situations--poverty, homelessness, neighborhood violence or severe family stress--but, they still have the courage and the drive to strive for their dreams.

We believe that the combination of a quality education, a safe place to live within a family-like setting, emotional and spiritual guidance and a consistent routine will provide the young men we serve with the values and opportunities they need to achieve their full potential.