Main Street Partners

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711 Atlantic Ave.
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About Us

What We Do: Help Small Businesses Grow

•Provide urban small businesses with access to the same finance, strategy and marketing consulting for which large corporations commit substantial resources, at no cost

•Help formulate profitable long term business plans to sustain independent growth

•Strive to increase profits of small businesses by at least 10% within 12 months

Why We Do It: To Strengthen Local Communities

•Roughly 70% of new jobs in America are created by small businesses, yet due to recent business failures, over 5 million jobs have been lost since 2008

•Job cuts and business failures have a devastating impact on the small business owners, their employees, and their communities

•By facilitating the growth of small businesses, Main Street Partners ensures continued job creation and helps strengthen our communities

Who We Are: Small Business Partners

•Founded in 2010, Main Street Partners is a non-profit made up of top-tier business professionals who volunteer as consultants, from firms like Bain, State Street, Ernst & Young, Digitas and more

•Using teams of these professionals, Main Street Partners leverages the expertise of each participant and the best practices of Fortune 500 companies to help small businesses improve and grow