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About Us

Would you like to be involved in an organization that is positively changing the lives of individuals? MED is the organization for you.


The mission of Maasai Education Discovery is to help the Maasai people of Kenya and Tanzania, especially women and girls, as well as other marginalized peoples without access to quality education achieve sustainable development and gain greater access to educational opportunities, which are currently denied them.


Maasai Education Discovery is a non-governmental, nonprofit 501 © 3 Organization with its world headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts USA, and a community based organization branch in Narok, Kenya. MED strives to offer hope to students from the Maasai community who have difficulty in accessing basic and higher education, and fights for the rights of the Maasai people particularly women and children in issues such as, female mutilation and forced marriage.

MED’s activities coordinates through the Community Resource and Learning Technology center located in the heart of Maasai land in Narok, Kenya. The Center serves the four main districts in Kenya, Which the Maasai people inhabit, Narok, Kajiado, Transmara, and Samburu districts.


Volunteerism is an important part of the MED organization. This program not only benefits the MED organization as a whole, but also the volunteers. Volunteers are invited to take part in all aspects of the organization, and can choose to specialize in the areas of their interest. MED welcomes volunteer teachers (college-level retired professors, graduate students, those on sabbatical) to teach courses on computers, business, English, and other subjects that are deemed helpful to the students. Volunteers can also help with other programs beyond academics such as HIV/AIDS prevention workshops, mentoring and counseling, the Art Center, FGM programs, and other community education programs. People with computer technology and graphic design skills are highly welcome as well to help in producing brochures and materials and working on the website. This is a great experience for volunteers because it not only helps in experience, but also volunteers learn more about other cultures and issues that are presently affecting people in Africa. This will be a great step in making positive changes in the world.

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