Alliance for African Women Initiative

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House Number AS-7 Asofan, Accra

About Us

Our vision is a world where all women and children are safe from harm in the societies where they live. Our mission is to create environments that enable fair development for vulnerable people in rural and urban settings, particularly women and children. At AFAWI we strive to bring vulnerable people from the margins of society and encourage their social, economic and political participation and engagement. 

AFAWI has three strategic way of working : first we conduct an in depth research and studies into issues affecting our communities, secondly we advocate for policy reforms and changes where necessary and thirdly we believe that every one need a a push in life, so we also provide services delivering into programs such women empowerment, sexual education and reproductive health education,monitoring and evaluation of Government pro-poor project, HIV/AIDS, Community development and implementation of some sustainable development goals (SDG's).