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About Us

ICR contends that many of the problems facing society and the world are the direct or indirect result of uninformed and irresponsible consumer choices. When consumer choices are devoid of ethical and environmental considerations, they serve to reinforce amorality and irresponsibility in corporate behavior. We believe that corporate accountability can only realistically come about as a result of consumer responsibility. ICR believes that corporate power and influence have grown to levels that undermine our democratic culture, values and institutions. Increasingly, society is being used as a tool to increase corporate profits, often in ways that are harmful to societal priorities and interests. ICR aims to educate consumers about their power and the scope of their influence, and provides consumers with information on corporate policies and practices to enable them to make informed, responsible buying choices. ICR also seeks to unify and promote a broad-based, multiple strategy grassroots movement to roll back excessive corporate influence over society, and to restore economic interests to the service of societal interests, rather than the reverse.

This mission cannot move forward without the active involvement from a growing body of volunteers. Recently, we have begun experiencing difficulty ( -extreme- ) in this volunteer area. We are rather confounded. ICR would appreciate hearing ANY feedback from interested parties and prospective volunteers regarding their thoughts about our organization, our website, or about our volunteer process. Thank you.