DIVESTnow Stevens

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About Us


Sign the online petition asking Stevens, and President Farvardin to divest our endowement from fossil fuels!! And please like our page to show your support! http://act.gofossilfree.org/act/stevens-institute-of-technology


To make Stevens the Green University.


DIVESTnow Stevens is a localized , global campaign that is sweeping the nation. It is a petition of our administration to switch its power supply for this university from oil and gas to completely renewable sources: air, water, geothermal, solar. There's much room for innovation. We do have our extent of solar panels, but how much do they power? We have a lot of unused real estate, where we can install turbines or panels. This is a chance for us to choose what we want out of our university, as we rise to the top. Harvard, Yale, Cornell, MIT, Princeton, WPI, Brown , and many others have already beat us in this race by gathering tons of support. Why should we be lagging behind? If we are the innovation university, let's show them What Stevens is really made of!!!!!! We we will be having huge, inclusive, events sponsored by SAVE during the spring semester. And we want everyone to come out to have some fun, show you support, and we feel the school spirit. Together we can make a difference. It is up to you, to do so.