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About Us

ODN Oregon is a professional organization that welcomes a diverse community of practitioners who learn and apply cutting-edge OD methodologies to achieve desired business results in a rich and inviting community of professionals. We connect professionals with a common interest to develop healthy, sustainable organizations.We serve a wide audience of OD, HR, and training professionals, managers, community leaders and persons exploring OD as a profession. We cultivate a community of professionals and leaders. We provide a forum for the development and exchange of ideas for our members in Oregon/Southern Washington. We offer educational opportunities to learn effective OD methods, processes, and tools that you can apply in your own organizations. Our Program content is relevant for both internal and external practitioners. We strive to prove the value of OD to organizations – keeping the profession alive.

What is OD? Organization Development (OD) is a planned systemic process in which applied behavioral science principles and practices are introduced into ongoing organizations toward the goal of increasing individual and organizational effectiveness. The focus is on the organization and making them function better, that is, on total system change. The orientation is on action; achieving desired results as a consequence of planned activities. The target is human and social processes, the people side of organizations.