Attack Poverty

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About Us

Attack Poverty is a global organization that serves locally, adopting pockets of poverty and launching what we call Friends Initiatives™.


Our vision:

Empowering people to attack poverty in their life and community


Our Mission:

Strengthen under-resourced communities through spiritual growth, education, revitalization and basic needs


Three foundational beliefs drive us:

1.     There are two types of poverty: Situational and Generational. We focus on breaking the cycles of generational poverty.

2.    Generational poverty cannot be changed with small, soft-hearted plans. It must be directly addressed with great intention through mutual relationships.

3.    Generational poverty is a complicated spiritual, relational, mental-attitude, educational and financial issue.


Our work involves partnering with the local church to adopt pockets of poverty and launching what we call: “FRIENDS INITIATIVES”. We love bringing together communities of resource with communities of need. Our Friends Initiatives are long-term partnerships with local churches, residents and stakeholders who are committed to community transformation.


These initiatives are LONG-TERM commitments that require collaborative efforts with local organizations, churches, residents, and stakeholders committed to community transformation. We use an ASSET-BASED approach that aims to build on the strengths and capacities of the community.

Our work is HOLISTIC. We understand the connections between: a decent place to live, a living wage job, spiritual health, clean water, quality education, child care, healthy families, basic and financial literacy, transportation and access to health care for sustainability.


The driving force behind all this is EMPOWERMENT. We are all about giving people tools to help themselves break out of the cycle of generational poverty. It’s about DEVELOPMENT, not charity; DIGNITY, not shame. Believing all humans are created in the image of God, we will always promote the dignity and worth of people and families.


Our initiatives include: safe water projects, in-school student support, after school programs, GED Prep, job readiness programs, financial literacy, and home repair. All of our programs are determined locally.