Local Push Global, Inc.

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About Us

LocalPushGlobal is an international organization providing information technology training in developing nations. Our services are directed at organizations which aim to serve essential community development functions such as schools, women’s groups, hospitals, clinics and medical dispensaries. We promote and deliver training in general computer literacy, social media, web site setup and design, office software, internet-based research, IT maintenance and security.

LocalPushGlobal connects local needs to a global audience, educating local organizations on how to use their technology to the best of their advantage. LocalPushGlobal deliberately works within the company’s existing infrastructure and available technology to ensure sustainable, day-to-day competency on their systems. Connecting local industry to the benefits of a global resource enables local involvement to push global innovation forward.

To empower communities with technology. To engage global resources for local causes. To inspire local organizations to push the globe.