CSHD (Centre for Sustainable Human Development)

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15, Metha Nagar,

About Us

1. Training in human development. 2. Strengthening and Capacitating Government and Developmental institutions. 3. Developing modules for promotion of human and child rights. 4. Research and Documentation of the growth and developments. 5. Publication and dissemination of information. 6. Regional and International Networking for advocacy and lobbying. 7. Developing pilot projects as model for sustainable development. 8. Promotion of Volunteerism.

Research and Documentation :

  1. Study on prevalence of Child labour in silk weaving sectors in Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu.
  2. Study of Costal Child Labour in fishing community in Tamil Nadu.
  3. Study on status of Chennai Corporation schools.
  4. Study on status of Government schools in Pulazal Panchayat in Thiruvallur Districts.
  5. Documentation of success stories of NGO intervention in rehabilitation of Street Children through community participation.
  6. Documentation on incidences of Child Trafficking and child bonded labour situations.
  7. Study on effects of Globalisation on Coastal fisher women and girl children.
  8. Various Fact finding studies into child right violations in Tamil Nadu.
  9. Study of Mathamma - dedicating children to village deity (practice of Devadasi system) in Tamil Nadu.
  10. Draft amendments for Educational Rules for Government of Tamil Nadu.
  11. Documentation on National and State Level Convention and Public Hearing on Girl Child Labourers in Tamil Nadu and in India.
  12. Documentation of District Level Workshops for Enforcement Officials in eradication of child labour – Department of Labour. (All the districts in Tamil Nadu).
  13. Workshop on Strategy Building and Skill Training For Eradication of Child Labour – Directors of Partner NGOs of SKN and IGSSS in Tamil Nadu.