Marwar Medical & Relief Society

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About Us

Teach, Care & Community service projects are aimed at empowering the lives of the disadvantaged people to improving the basic requisite for positive socio economic change to improve their lives in a sustainable developmental way that benefits local people and destinations.

"Voluntary work will include teaching English in primary schools, support or help in teaching methods, helping with improving children reading, communication skills, drawing-painting, music, dancing with students, making sure of regular attendance of children through motivated effort - creating a more child-friendly environment in the schools through decorating/painting /murals on the walls of class-rooms.

The volunteers will help make an enjoyable and creative environment for children with positive efforts to develop learning reading, writing and skills in a pleasant way. This will help children to develop self-confidence and acquire creative experiences."

Teaching English in a Class room - No special skills are required, you will be teaching small children basic English or mathematics or improving General knowledge through your own skills.

  • We also manage to benefit the community during working hours through your professional skills matching to needs of community.
  • Women Empowerment & Environment issue: Improved or modified fire place for cooking - In order to facilitate the village women (House-wife).