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Chinatown Literacy Project (CLP)

"CLP is one of the most thought community service programs that I have been involved with. From my experience, CLP is a great project that helps adult English learners in Chinatown. Also it oepns your eyes to problems in our communities. " -- Emily Liang, 2009-10 CLP Language Partner

"CLP was not merely a volunteering experience but a chance for you to reach out to your community. It was a time for everyone with the same interests and love for Chinatown to come together. Although not all of us were fluent bilingually, we made the best of it, and you can definitely see that our efforts shone through in the participants' progress. CLP rocks!" -- Yang Lin, 2009-10 CLP Language Partner


The Chinatown Literacy Project (CLP) is a weekend adult ESL program that offers Chinese-speaking English language learners individual, personalized instruction and the opportunity to practice conversation with youth volunteers free of charge. CLP is a school year project of Chinatown Youth Initiatives (CYI), a youth-oriented leadership program that seeks to foster civic engagement and develop leadership skills among young people in New York City.