Farmer's Market Children's Charity

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About Us

Farmer's Market is a grassroots volunteer organization created from working hand-in-hand with the residents of the slums of Kenya, specifically the Mathere slums of Ngong. People living in the slums of Kenya face a cycle of poverty, violence and hopelessness. We strive to give them the opportunity to succeed through their own actions, without having to rely on handouts.

Co-founded in 2007 by a Canadian and a Kenyan, Farmer’s Market began with a vision of helping people living in the slums in Ngong, Kenya. Presently, we are sending 43 children to school and providing them with uniforms, shoes, supplies, and books. To support the School Sponsorship Program we operate a Community Centre which provides meals (over 7000 per year), counseling, tutoring, sustainable gardening programs, and most important of all, a safe place to socialize and learn. Part of Farmer's Market's mandate is to use as much of every dollar possible towards the growth of these children and for improving the lives of the residents in the community. Our organization is made primarily of volunteers that donate their time and efforts to help raise money for our initiatives.