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About Us

On The Rise, Inc. (OTR) is a dynamic, Cambridge, MA-based non-profit founded in 1995 that serves women in crisis and homelessness throughout the region. Our Safe Haven Program's innovative approach has unprecedented success with women who are unable to make full use of other community programs for reasons that may include their histories (trauma, violence and abuse are ubiquitous) and present conditions (many women are coping with multiple issues, from medical concerns and mental illness, to addiction, criminal histories, and more). In the face of these obstacles, women who participate in OTR's programs leverage their initiative and core strengths to find safety and discover new possibilities. Positive results include a housing retention rate of 85% and many other gains in safety and quality of life that range from subtle to astounding.

A key part of OTR's success is its "mortar between the bricks" approach – the organization's cohesive, consistent support for women as they gain access to and make full use of mainstream, specialized programs. In fulfilling the "mortar between the bricks" role, OTR's connections to the community and other service-providers are as critical as the trusting, non-coercive relationships with individual women that are formed in the Outreach/Safe Haven program. OTR works closely with approximately 50 local providers of specialized services, including overnight shelters, to ensure that women using the Outreach/Safe Haven Program receive the highest quality, most comprehensive services possible.

OTR brings its distinctive perspective and experience to the public through its Community Outreach & Education Program. This builds our community's understanding of the connections between trauma and homelessness, and encourages greater civic involvement. Our inspiring and passionate leadership and our many success stories engage and motivate members of the community to join in helping our most disenfranchised neighbors.

On The Rise has a compelling mission and exciting, effective programs. A crucial ingredient in the organization's success is the commitment of management and the Board of Directors to running a secure, stable organization with a strong infrastructure. On The Rise's strengths in areas like planning, systems, technology, supervision, administration, compliance, evaluation, and finance are top-tier, and are an integral part of our strategy for future growth and success. One notable source of stability and security for the organization is the completion of a capital campaign in 2003, leaving On The Rise the proud, sole owner of its site, a $1,000,000-plus property in a premier Cambridge, MA location.

Every member of On The Rise's 14-person staff is integral to achieving our mission of helping women find safety and explore new possibilities in a community that we have helped strengthen. We are committed to providing excellent, impactful programs and being an excellent place to work.

For more information, please visit our website: www.ontherise.org