Wellesley Village Church

  • MA


2 Central St

United States

About Us

“To experience and express the Spirit of Christ in our individual and congregational lives.” 
Toward that end, we seek, in every way and in every setting, to nurture growth in faith by:
Bonding Together in Community
When we come together in community we deepen our relationships with God and with one another in ways that help deepen our faith.
Glorifying God Through Worship
We come to offer our praise to God and, in the process, find ourselves addressed by God.  In worship we come to offer the gift of ourselves and, in turn, receive the gift of God’s own self.
Learning the Christian Gospel and Practices
We seek to learn the Christian Gospel and practices so that we might draw on the riches of our tradition. Such learning is not a mere intellectual exercise.  We learn so that our lives can be shaped by what we learn.
Manifesting Enthusiasm for Service
Service is the giving of time, talents and money to benefit others.  We seek to serve as Jesus served, and to be transformed by the encounter.
Sharing Our Faith
We seek to share with others what has been shared with us.  In listening to others, and in sharing our faith with others, our own faith is strengthened.