Nanjemoy Community

  • MD


United States

About Us

Nanjemoy is a forming Intentional Community in Maryland, south of Washington DC.

Here we live on 50 acres of deeply forested land upon the beautiful Nanjemoy Creek, a wide tidal waterway, teaming with eagles and herons, flowing into the lower Potomac River.

Our proximity to Washington DC makes it fairly easy to connect with the economic, social, and cultural life of that city. But we are very rural, and the history, the land, and the people of this area provide a wonderful setting to start our community.

Our broad purpose is to provide a healthy, prosperous home for our members, to be at peace with nature, and to provide service to the greater community in which we live.

We are interested in having full, rich lives. We practice democratic decision making, economic sharing, non-violence, and cooperation. We garden organically, eat wonderfully, recycle what we can, and retrofit our house with greater energy efficient technologies.

Our primary cottage industry is the Luna Center on Natural Living, a center for research, practice and education on Appropriate Technology expressed in agriculture, home construction, forest management, heating and waste water management, group and organizational management, and personal wellness.