Esoteric Dance Project

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821 W. Eastwood Ave
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About Us

Esoteric Dance Project (EDP) is dedicated to the development of the artist, both performer and choreographer, by providing technique-based education in a nurturing and personal environment while offering a platform for exploration of new creativity that cultivates a profound relationship between choreographer, emerging artist, and the audience. Dance is exploding into many different avenues which are exciting and beautiful to behold, but is moving farther away from its solid technical base and history. EDP embraces the art form’s historical past and believes that with a genuine foundation and “esoteric” knowledge of the classical and codified techniques, every dancer is a more artistically expanded and efficient performer. It is the goal of Esoteric Dance Project to demystify the skilled craft of modern dance and lead audiences to engage, observe and appreciate both the mastery and the freedom that is this art form.