Lowell Telecommunications Corporation

  • MA


246 Market Street
United States

About Us

We are Lowell Telecommunications Corporation, a dynamic community media center located in the Historic
Downtown Mill District of Lowell, Massachusetts. Heralded as the birthplace of the American Industrial
Revolution, the City of Lowell has a long history of employing new technologies with an educated population of
workers that understands them. At LTC, we are promoting this tradition of education and exploration as we
enter the age of information and telecommunications.

LTC's mission is to build community through technology by providing education and access to communication
technologies (television, the Internet, satellite, and other emerging information tools). In this time of rapid
telecommunication mergers, LTC is committed to the creation and distribution of non-commercial, locally
produced media content. Within a strong belief that diverse voices need to be heard, we assist our members in
their quest for alternative ways to express themselves and give voice to their communities through new