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About Us

The common purpose of the University of Hawaii system of institutions is to serve the public by creating, preserving, and transmitting knowledge in a multi-cultural environment. The University is positioned to take advantage of Hawaii's unique location, physical and biological environment, and rich cultural setting. At all levels in the academy, students and teachers engage in the mastery and discovery of knowledge to advance the values and goals of a democratic society and ensure the survival of present and future generations with improvement in the quality of life.

Advance missions that promote distinctive pathways to excellence, differentially emphasizing instruction, research, and service while fostering a cohesive response to state needs and participation in the global community.

As the only provider of public higher education in Hawai'i, the University embraces its unique responsibilities to the indigenous people in Hawai'i and to Hawai'i's indigenous language and culture. To fulfill this responsibility, the University ensures active support for the participation of Native Hawaiians at the University and supports vigorous programs of study and support for the Hawaiian language, history and culture.