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About Us

Face of Hope is a community based organization (CBO) operating in Kabulasoke sub-county Gomba district, with offices in Katete A. village with a membership of 104 executing activitiesin the field of Youths, HIV/AIDS infected and affected families, Vulnerable Orphaned Children and Neglected Elderly.

Face of Hope was founded in April 2010 by a group of five members (Founders of Face of Hope; Joseph Mutebi, Rose Kusasira, Namiiro Florence, Mbogo Francis and Nankya Annet), who are all children of the area. The charity was registered by the Local Government on 29th July 2011 with Government ID Number C.D.5605-01-2011

VISION To improve the quality of life and enhance on the Social-Economic status of the vulnerable people in Gomba district.

MISSION To empower the rural communities through promoting intergrated sustainable development that’s holistic and capacity building in order to improve the quality of life.

OBJECTIVES a) To play a role of establishing bases of common knowledge as a catalyst for social action, enhancing communication between groups and strengthening community social organization.

b) To involve the local and indigenous people in identification of their local needs and conception formulation in order to develop the necessary self-reliance and self –confidence in their immediate environment.

c) To provide a forum where the youth could meet, and share ideas and experiences for developmental purposes in their communities, or otherwise to establish a youth education centre in the region as away of reducing the high level of illiteracy and redundancy among the community.

d) To contribute on the prevention and reduction of HIV/AIDS through mobilization and sensitization of the community and provide care and support to the infected people in the community by the year 2020. Read more>>


1. Training and implementing of relevant social and economic programs 2. Helping neglected vulnerable elders with medical, housing and other necessities 3. Helping school going children with scholastic materials, school fees and others 4. Uplifting vulnerable children and women due to domestic violence 5. Equipping the youths for development activities For more info visite wesite: www.faceofhopeuganda.org

Face of Hope (Charity organisation) was begun with intensions to compliment the efforts of the grassroot Ugandan Families to meet the immediate needs of families caused by the big number of children, limited space, abandoned elderly, ill skilled youths and how to cope with the effects of climate change in the field of agriculture which is adding to the sorrows of poverty in communities.

Face of Hope operates exclusively for charitable, educational and wholesome development. With several campaigns carried out so far (Support School going children, and Dress up campaign) and more in the near future we have seen tremendous change and more is yet to come.

By doing this will help relieve the burden from parents whose incomes have been struck by various calamities ie., flooding due to heavy rains, coupled with long dry spells, thereby leaving many house hold with no income for the things many of us think to be basic items or necessities