Dreamtime Festival - Paonia

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38270 Stucker Mesa Rd
United States

About Us

Dreamtime is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that inspires, educates, connects and empowers people to create positive change in the world through a dynamic blend of arts, education, and celebration. The organization encourages people to envision new possibilities, act on them, and to participate rather than observe. Dreamtime fosters the creation and maintenance of positive relationships that can be expressed on multiple levels:

  1. Personal - relations with self, body, mind, spirit
  2. Interpersonal - relations with family, friends, housemates, co-workers
  3. Social/Political - relations with community and community structure
  4. Surroundings/Ecological - relations with home, world, environment, planet earth

In our annual Dreamtime Festival, we co-create the space for magic and transformation to occur. The unique fusion of art, celebration, and music with elements of education, sustainability, healing, personal development, and social change creates a powerful experience for participants. Come and dream the future with us.