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About Us

Nick Vujicic, our founder moved here from Australia at the leading of the Holy Spirit, and established a ministry called Life Without Limbs. Our mission is to evangelize and bring hope through the gospel message. We are a 501c3 non‐profit organization located right here in Southern California. Although Nick was born without any arms or legs, God gave him a voice of hope. In the midst of Nick's suffering, God has shown Nick His grace and gave him a purpose for living. He currently travels all over the world preaching and sharing his own personal testimony.  Life Without Limbs has launched two new programs, Stand Strong and Honor Without Limits.  Stand Strong is an anti-bullying, anti-suicide program that brings the love and hope of Christ to students across America.  We enlist communities, schools and churches to become advocates for defenseless victims.  Stand Strong campaigns reach students one on one, in school assemblies and through live streaming of our school events to classrooms across America. Honor Without Limits is a new community of military veterans, family members and friends who want to help those warriors fighting new battles as they adjust to life after their combat deployments. We believe the best way to help ourselves is to help others.