Smart Energy Living Alliance

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About Us

Our mission is to help people make smart energy decisions. SELA is a cooperative effort of businesses, utilities, energy users and other partners committed to transforming the energy marketplace.

SELA provides unbiased information, tools and resources to help consumers make intelligent, responsible energy decisions. Informed energy users will live more efficiently, reducing their energy use and their utility bills while they enjoy increased comfort and resale value.

SELA helps consumers understand clean energy options, and then we help them find the products and services they need – everything from attic insulation to solar systems. SELA helps utilities in their efforts to implement energy efficiency, and we help companies build their energy-efficiency and renewable-energy businesses with training and promotion.

As we work together to transform the energy marketplace, there will be more educated energy users and more companies selling energy-efficiency products and services. Energy efficiency will be an easier choice. More energy efficiency and renewable energy will create economic and environmental benefits for everyone.