Mount Pleasant-Kep Health Initiative

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About Us

About the Mount Pleasant - Kep Health Initiative


Mount Pleasant-Kep Health Initiative (MKHI) provides international volunteer experiences to individuals looking to learn from and integrate into communities in the developing world. We do so through utilizing our connections from previous work and volunteer experience in Cambodia and elsewhere in the world. We are currently partnered with Equitable Cambodia, a local non-governmental organization with years of experience providing education, health and social services to impoverished rural communities. We believe that truly gaining understanding of a new region is only possible by living in communities for extended periods of time and working alongside locals.

We organize the logistics and projects for teams of volunteers. A team is generally composed of 10 to 12 individuals who wish to travel while learning about local culture and giving back to the community. Projects are generally based around constructing health infrastructure alongside local workers in the communities we are engaged with.Projects take place over the course of three to six weeks.

Our Belief and Mission


We believe that working with local organizations is fundamental in carrying out successful development projects that are based on the desired goals and needs of communities. We are not interested in prescribing our beliefs to others, but rather in doing what we can to help communities realize their goals. Global health work can only be valuable and sustainable when communities are effectively engaged in collaboration of designing and implementing project objectives. We aim to build sustainable health infrastructure that will last far longer than our time abroad.

All of us at MHKI have had international volunteer experience that has shaped our lives and future goals. Therefore, we understand that volunteer projects abroad are not only valuable to those we are looking to serve, but also immeasurably valuable to the volunteers involved. The volunteers are provided with experiential education and will develop perspectives that we hope will continue with them in their future careers and involvement in global citizenship. Additionally, we are committed to ensuring the lowest possible trip costs, so that these rewarding opportunities are open to all. We do not make any profit or have any organization operation costs included in our individual trip budgets.