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About Us

Redress' mission is to promote environmental sustainability in Asia's fashion industry by reducing textile waste, pollution, water and energy consumption.


Redress envisions a fashion industry where sustainable fashion is not a niche, but a norm.


Collaboration: We believe in the transforming power of collaboration and that we can achieve our mission by working with and via collaborators. Inspiration: We base our work on inspiration and we aim to inspire others around us, such as designers, retailers and consumers to adopt positive changes. Integrity: We operate with integrity internally and with those that we work with externally. Leadership: We strive to be inspiring leaders by informing and motivating the next generation of designers, industry professionals and consumers in Asia. Partnership: We seek long-term partnerships with multiple stakeholders such as designers, manufacturers, retailers, consumers, government, media and other NGOs. Passion: We are fully passionate about our work and our ambitious projects reflect our desire to see positive changes made in the fashion industry. Transparency: We continuously look to enhance our transparency and we are honest and straightforward with our partners.