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About Us

Migration and Refugee Services carries out the commitment of the Roman Catholic bishops of the United States to serve and advocate for immigrants, refugees, migrants, and people on the move. This commitment is rooted in the Gospel mandate that every person is to be welcomed by the disciple as if he or she were Christ himself and in the right of every human being to pursue, without restraint, the call of holiness. Migration and Refugee Services contributes to this commitment in an integrated fashion by:

Assisting the bishops in the development and advocacy of policy positions at the national and international levels that address the needs and conditions of immigrants, refugees, migrants, and people on the move.

Working with the federal government and local churches in resettling refugees admitted to the United States into caring and supportive communities.

Assisting local churches and specialized apostolates in responding to the pastoral needs of Catholics among these populations, including the facilitation of pastoral accompaniment of migrants as necessary and possible, thereby aiding in the development and nurturing of a welcoming and supportive Church in the United States.