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About Us

Long Live the Kings (LLTK) is a private, nonprofit organization committed to restoring wild salmon to the waters of the Pacific Northwest. Using a science-based, collaborative approach, LLTK projects seek to identify under what circumstances hatcheries and fish-rearing techniques can be used to help recover naturally spawning salmon and steelhead populations and to support sustainable fisheries.

LLTK brings the best of the private sector to bear on the recovery of wild salmon—new sources of funding, strategic and innovative thinking, and an insistence on planning, goal setting, efficiency, and measurable success. We believe the most meaningful and effective way to tackle the complex web of issues surrounding salmon recovery is through open, constructive dialogue and transparent decision making. To that end, LLTK works diligently to establish relationships built on trust and a shared commitment to finding solutions.

We're proud of our reputation as a trusted partner and honest broker of information. Our partners include the State of Washington, the Northwest Indian Treaty Tribes, conservation organizations, scientists, federal agencies, fisheries managers, and fishermen. The insight, experience, creativity, and commitment of these partners are what make our work possible.

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