Clairobscur Dance Company

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About Us

Clairobscur Dance Company, was founded by Artistic Director and resident choreographer Laurie Sefton. It's name is the French translation of chiaroscura, a 17th centruy painterly term which means an effect of contrasting light and shadow created by light falling unevenly on an object. Movemement is often obvious, (the light) but also contains a subtext (the shadow), which must be sought out and discerned by both the creator of movemebt and it's spectator.

Clairobscur Dance Company presents dance as Art, communicating viscerally, visually and intellectually and confronts it's audience demanding they step outside of themselves, make a commitment to what they are viewing, to be a participant not just a spectator. Relationships of the individual are explored in the context of the rules, policies and movess that govern society. Dances are created in which the body is the idea - the whold body: face, limbs, torso, emotions, organs and soul.