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About Us

The Global Health Group believes that a stronger link between evidence and action will improve the health of disadvantaged communities. Every day we work with researchers, policymakers and implementers to better understand and address health challenges and tackle neglected global health priorities. Through boldness, focus, collaboration and innovation, we can reduce the burden of disease and enhance economic prosperity for people around the world.

Our Approach

The Global Health Group bridges the gap between evidence, policy and implementation to stimulate practical international and local action to solve critical health challenges. Our small but highly leveraged team of global health experts conducts targeted research and advocacy on behalf of our signature initiatives, expanding global understanding and engaging an ever-growing network of partners to take forward new approaches.

Through our work, policymakers, funders and country leaders gain access to new and relevant data, recommendations and tools—and make informed decisions about the next important steps in strategy, funding and implementation.

Read more about the Global Health Group in our brochure.

Focus, focus, focus

Our model depends on relentless focus on a limited, well-defined agenda. Our initiatives focus on three specific topics:

On occasion, the Global Health Group leads or engages in additional activities beyond our three initiatives, which leverage our expertise and convening power to address a wider array of global health challenges, particularly around policy and financing.

Going where others have not

The Global Health Group identifies opportunities for impact in the global health space where new paradigms offer solutions to old problems, or where new ways of looking at evidence can break through policy bottlenecks. We seek out topics that are ripe for large-scale reengineering, and where there is a lack of focus, clarity or ambition among the global community. By looking to the ideas and challenges of countries not only in sub-Saharan Africa, but also in Asia Pacific and Latin America, we leverage different perspectives to stimulate new ways of thinking, and expand the marketplace of ideas and solutions.

The Best Ideas Are Only the Beginning

The Global Health Group disrupts the status quo by injecting new thinking and ideas. When we tackle a particular problem, we institute an evolving loop of action that includes:

  • Documenting and disseminating experience, innovation and success from the field
  • Conducting innovative research and analysis
  • Synthesizing evidence for practical applications
  • Building consensus within the global health community
  • Developing decision-making tools and guidance for policymakers
  • Testing in small-scale settings before moving on to larger implementation
  • Providing tools for mobilization, financing and larger-scale action
  • Designing, encouraging and undertaking rigorous evaluation of the new approaches to modify and improve policies and increase impact in the future