Norristown Ministries Inc. Hospitality Center

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530 Church Street
Ist Floor
United States

About Us

Hospitality Center Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement:

“To be an instrument of God’s love by serving the poor and homeless through advocacy, support and a continuum of care”


We will fulfill our mission through:

Advocacy: Providing resources for the housed poor and homeless in the Norristown community in partnership with local churches and providers of social service.

Support: Providing a day shelter, food and spiritual guidance in a safe, stable and accepting environment for all those lacking support systems.

Continuum of Care: By developing ongoing mentoring relationships for those in need from crisis management to ongoing case management and referrals that result in increased independence.

We serve on an equal basis all who come here, regardless of religion, ethnicity, race, gender, age, sexual orientation, reason for need, criminal or other personal background or history. We serve in God's name but we do not require any client to listen to, agree or believe in order to receive the full range of services and programming offered.