Builders for Peace

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About Us

Our external goals: 1. To help the Bosnian people through our summer English schools in Gracanica and in Fojnica. 2. To show concern for the Bosnian cultural heritage through work on the repair and restoration of sites such as the Karadjoz-beg Mosque in Mostar (2003-4) and the Franciscan monastery library at Fojnica (2006 to present). 3. To contribute to the healing of wartime wounds through providing a platform for the meeting of youth from the major ethno-religious groups. 4. To provide guidance in devising joint projects. 5. To contribute to greater understanding in the U.S. of what Mahmutcehajic has called “Bosnia’s Unity In Diversity”.

Our Interior Goals: 6. To bring a spirit of love and acceptance to all we do in relation to Bosnia. 7. To prepare ourselves for the work of reconciliation by first seeking reconciliation within ourselves. 8. To get to know the Bosnian people, their idiosyncrasies as well as their universal human qualities. 9. To try to understand the particular nature of human suffering when caused by war. 10. To prepare ourselves for ongoing work in this region. 11. To initiate friendships that will continue beyond our stay.