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About Us

Turning Good Ideas Into Real Solutions

The SISGI Group is a consulting and nonprofit organization dedicated to go beyond good ideas to real solutions. To learn more visit us at


The SISGI Group works to build the capacity of individuals, groups and organizations to create lasting social change. We remove barriers to action by using a simple, common-sense approach:Preparation, Education andCollaboration.

The SISGI Group = SISGI Group, LLC + SISGI Beyond Good Ideas Foundation Inc.

The SISGI Group is a consulting firm and nonprofit organization. SISGI Group, LLC is a consulting and research group that specializes in nonprofit capacity building. Bringing together independent consultants with a variety of expertise, the consulting group is able to address cross sector issues and and a range of specialties impacting organizations, individuals and groups working within and on social problems.

SISGI Beyond Good Ideas Foundation is the nonprofit division of the SISGI Group. All programs such as our internship programs, educational resources and collaborative work sit within the nonprofit division. The foundation also awards free and low cost consulting services to organizations and individuals interested in creating lasting social change and small grants to organizations. The foundation serves as a donation clearinghouse for corporations and small businesses looking to support sustainable efforts towards social problems.