Mike Scala Foundation For Youth

  • NY


New York City

United States

About Us

This foundation has been created through Mike's work as a musician/artist and in coordination with working with youth in developing countries. A significant portion of every concert, CD sale, and all proceeds from his fundraisers go to providing aid for youth based organizations.

The Foundation provides programs and aide for at risk youth across the United States and provides educational opportunities for youth in developing countries.

The foundation is designed to target children and teens that are victims of domestic violence, abuse, neglect, in connection with gangs, and drug abuse, and provide a safehaven where teens are given support and guidance. This program also provides assistance and education to teens at risk of dropping out of school. The Foundation provides opportunities for our teens to build confidence and life skills by participation in community service and mentor programs. These programs, which will include music lessons and volunteer opportunities, will mirror to our teens the importance of values, building relationships and ultimately will result in strong character. These programs will work collaboratively with schools and organizations within the community to promote stability and sustainability.

Mike says "The goal of my foundation is to empower youth, show them that they can be in control of their lives, and help them to develop effective coping skills. This Foundation will show our teens that they can make a difference in the world and help them become the people that they strive to be. I am confident that through my Foundation, our youth will have the opportunities and assistance to succeed."