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About Us

Cascade Geographic Society is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit Oregon educational organization founded in 1979. It began researching the cultural and natural history of the Cascade Mountain Range and the surrounding lands and waters. It received its official non-profit status in 1987. Dedicated to preserving and promoting cultural, historical, and natural resources of the Cascade Mountain Range and all the lands and waters that it influences, Cascade Geographic Society is mainly staffed by volunteers, who believe in the preservation of Oregon history and hands-on education.

We are best known for operating tours of the Portland Underground (aka Shanghai Tunnels) but work on several projects. We manage a Living History Village on a section of the Barlow Trail (Oregon Trail) in Rhododendron, Oregon. We conduct tours of the Oregon Trail and other historic sites and trails. We work directly with schools in a variety of ways, including "Project Discovery" that introduces inner-city students to natural areas and historic sites for field studies opportunities. We provide storytelling and living history programs. We operate a Sanctuary Lands Program, which protects natural, cultural, and historical resources. We work towards safeguarding final resting places like Native American burial grounds and pioneer cemeteries. We also host several festivals throughout the year, including the Mount Hood Huckleberry Festival and the Mount Hood Salmon and Mushroom Festival.