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About Us

The International Business Ethics Institute (IBEI) is a nonprofit, educational organization that aims to heighten awareness of business ethics and to provide practical solutions to corporations in order to enhance ethical conduct globally.

IBEI works closely with companies and other organizations to assist them in establishing effective international ethics programs. IBEI’s customized approach moves beyond the compliance-orientation of traditional ethics programs to integrate broader applications of corporate integrity and company values. Since 1994, our staff has worked closely with numerous organizations in over 60 countries. We have experience working with a variety of organizations, including companies with great geographic and functional diversity.

IBEI also works to increase public awareness on business ethics and to foster constructive dialogue on global business practices among ethics officers, senior business leaders, representatives of governments and nongovernmental organizations, academia, and the general public. IBEI accomplishes this goal through three main educational program areas: publications and commentary, programs and events, and research projects.