Lights Camera Action

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About Us

Made by the youth, for the youth! LGBT

Lights Camera Action (LCA) is a TV show designed to help teenagers and young adults to develop their artistic talents in a positive way.

With an extraordinary variety of segments LCA promises to be the number one show in youth attraction. We are the only show that focuses on cultural awareness and relate it to the wave of new media and technology to which our youth has such immediate access.

LCA is a multicultural project. We advocate to all the youth regardless of their color, background, religion, nationality or disability! LCA is also part of the Latino youth in Leadership Program with LULAC Evolution Boston. It guarantees to be an effective eight-years art enrichment program for low-income students in junior high, high school, college and college grad. Formed through a partnership and support from local non-profit organizations in South Boston. Lights, camera action currently has a total enrollment of 31 students, and college grads. The show is looking to be funded by the school district and matching programs.