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About Us

Since 1980, CHEER San Francisco has been thrilling crowds locally, nationally and internationally with its unique brand of high-energy routines. This all-volunteer group is dedicated not only to providing polished professional entertainment, but also to the philanthropic mission of the squad, serving as true ambassadors of good will to the communities in which they perform.

our mission To raise monies for service organizations serving individuals with HIV/AIDS and other life-challenging conditions through performances in which we execute extreme stunts and powerful dance routines as a means to entertain, inspire, and motivate audiences to strive for their personal best while recognizing and celebrating the beauty and diversity in all people.

Each time CHEER San Francisco performs at an event, we take along our spirit buckets to receive the generous donations of spectators who are thrilled and inspired by our performances. The spirit buckets help to fill our CHEER FOR LIFE Fund which supports organizations that provide services to people facing life-threatening challenges including HIV/AIDS and cancer. A pre-selected qualifying organization at each major performance, including our out-of-town performances, then receives a check.

CHEER San Francisco is committed to keeping the doors open at organizations who are working so hard on the front lines of these epidemics, providing excellent services and care to so many people in need.

Performances allow us to do what we do best: Execute extreme stunts and powerful dance routines as a means to entertain, inspire and motivate audiences to strive for personal excellence while celebrating the beauty and unity of diverse people. For you see, we truly believe the human spirit has no limits and together we can build great strength and reach new heights. Together WE CAN make a difference!

We are always in search of volunteers to assist with our spirit buckets, carry signs, take phots/video, assist with team equipment, and to help with our team booth we set up to recruit and raise awareness. We would love more volunteers to join our family as we cannot function without the assistance of our wonderful volunteers.