Arte Americas

  • California


1630 Van Ness Avenue
United States

About Us

At Arte Américas our mission is “to make the Central Valley a flourishing place for Latino Arts.”  Our center was established 30 years ago by artists, educators, and their friends, who recognized the richness of Mexican and Mexican-American culture and wanted to create a space in the Central Valley where people come together to celebrate, support, and share arts in Mexico, Latin America, the Southwest and California with the broader community. The focus of our arts and cultural center is to be both culturally specific and universally understood. 


Our goals are to:


·     Maintain a center where Latino arts can be exhibited, performed, danced, recited, taught, and preserved for the future.

·     Encourage the development of new works, the examination of issues affecting our valley, and the initiation of projects which serve our community.

·     Collaborate with other organizations to bring to our communities a new awareness of the wealth of Latino arts.