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About Us

Our Mission

ViviendasLeón is a non-profit sustainable development organization whose mission is to eliminate rural poverty by creating self-sufficiency within rural communities, and educating our next generation of engaged global citizens.

Our Strategy

Rural poverty is the result of multiple interrelated deficits in populations over generations. After years of experimentation, ViviendasLeón has found that investing in rural communities for the long-term, over 4 years, creates deep and lasting impact. Programs occur annually, increasing the scope of trainings each year, resulting in incremental change while building critical number of self-sufficient families.

Using an inclusive, supportive and collaborative process, our development programs empower rural families to improve their standard of living by building their capacity in the areas of food production, economic development, environmental stewardship, resource management, leadership, citizenship and social equality.

In 4 years, 40% of families in each community achieve a sustaining level of food security, water security, sanitation, health training and income, while continuing to train new families and establish economic and social sustainability in their communities.

Our global education programs seek to foster intercultural relationships between rural communities and international groups, and build global awareness among international students who develop transferable skills, directly supporting rural development and fostering a commitment to social justice.

Our Vision

To become a leading organization in self sufficient human and community development

To create a flexible model of development that is replicable in other communities and populations

To develop personal agency among populations that have been historically disadvantaged

To reduce violence and increase social and gender equality within our communities

To promote leadership and community organization that enhances self determination

To restore the environment as a resource for self sustaining human development

To develop economic security through local and diversified development