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About Us

New Jersey Policy Perspective conducts research and analysis of state policy issues and engages in strategic communications effiorts to aggressively disseminate the findings. Our aim is to broaden debate in NJ by adding a strong, credible progressive/liberal voice in that debate. We focus mainly on tax, budget, economic and regulatory issues. Our goal is a state where everyone can achieve to their full potential in an economy that offers a widely shared, rising standard of living. Our reports have included proposals for making the state/local tax system more fair; impact of federal policies on NJ; economic security and workplace issues. NJPP is a member of Economic Analysis Research Network and State Fiscal Analysis Initiative. NJPP has been in the forefront of expanding NJ's state EITC, raising income taxes on wealthiest households and achieving passage of paid family leave insurance. We are nonpartisan, but not neutral iideologically, in that we believe government has an active role to play to help people reach their full potential; reliance on "the market" alone isn't enough; and a civil society requires a vibrant public sector.