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About Us

The World is one family

CNW's Mission:

To synthesize art, culture, and spirituality by creating educational, interfaith, and interdisciplinary projects that promote sustainable lifestyle and unity of humanity.


Clothe New World (CNW) is an international not-for-profit organization with projects aimed at unfolding a new human consciousness and creating a positive, sustainable future for all.


Clothe New World, Inc., an international not-for-profit organization (“CNW”) is born out of a genuine impulse of love and sincere intention to help the global evolution of consciousness. CNW sees LOVE as the ultimate answer to all and to everything.

We will synthesize science, art, culture, and spirituality and organize seminars, workshops, and festivals that raise public awareness.

In all its venues CNW stresses the importance of the inner experience, viewing it as the REFERENCE point to follow in all action. By setting an example, we aim to promote the rapid growth of movements that will, in turn, promote the development and the valuing of spirituality in its many forms. Thus, fostering a spiritual community and a global network of international centers for multi-versal holistic education.

Clothe New World belongs to nobody in particular. It belongs to humanity as a whole. But, to become an integral part of the CNW family one should believe in the unity and welfare of humanity. By working together, the CNW family places spiritual values into practice and creates a positive and sustainable future for humanity and the planet.