City Club of Chicago

  • IL

About Us

The City Club of Chicago is a nonprofit membership organization whose affiliates include prominent business, civic, and governmental leaders in Chicago. The organization generally attracts those interested in civic responsibility, public issues, open political debate and networking opportunities. Founded in 1903, it is the oldest weekly forum in Chicago.

"The purpose of the Club is simply to bring together in informal assembly as many as possible of those (persons) - of whom Chicago has so many, of all ages, sorts and conditions - who sincerely desire to meet the full measure of their responsibility as citizens, who are genuinely interested in the improvement, by non-partisan and disinterested methods, of the political, social and economic conditions in the community in which we live. These (persons) may be separated by different environments and different opinions; they are united in the sincerity of their desire to promote public welfare." Walter L. Fischer, founder of the City Club of Chicago, 1903