Baltimore Youth Initiative High School

  • MD


United States

About Us

Baltimore Youth Initiative High School (BYIHS, BYI) exists to create a high school environment committed to nurturing excellence in the whole being. We choose to integrate a Waldorf-inspired approach to academics with a youth initiative and parent cooperative governance model to form our school community. Our school promotes equity and the transformation of character.


To provide a vibrant, empowering high school experience for young adults through a commitment to a Waldorf approach to education, uplifted through the Virtues Project(tm) and grounded by the promotion of equity.


To educate young people to be their B.E.S.T.:

  • Build
  • Explore
  • Serve
  • Transform


To create and maintain a high school that will allow students to reach their full potential. Students taught in an environment that prioritizes equity will learn to treat all people as noble. They will be equipped not only to excel personally, but will be inclined to seek out creative solutions to the world’s problems while promoting dignity, prosperity and well-being for all people in all areas of the planet.