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About Us

Illinois Science Council ("ISC") inspires, educates, and entertains the public about science, technology, engineering and math in our everyday lives. We do so by offering a wide variety of creative and engaging public outreach programs in partnership with area universities, museums and national laboratories. We showcase the scientists and the research of Chicago-area institutions and demonstrate that science is not a separate sphere apart from culture but an integral part of it.

We are inspired by Carl Sagan who said: “We live in a society exquisitely dependent upon science and technology in which hardly anyone understands anything about science and technology.” But frankly, that sounds rather daunting and intimidating. Our primary audience is the adult population not currently served by most museum and school outreach programs and who are far removed from a science classroom. So what really motivates our programs is this other Sagan observation: “The brain is like a muscle. When it is in use we feel very good. Understanding is joyous."

ISC explores all areas of science and technology and we do it with a fun, non-stuffy approach. We offer brain/neuroscience programs like, “Your Brain on Happiness,” “Your Brain on Creativity” and "Your Brain on Addiction." We offer chemistry programs involving hands-on experimentation such as, "Chemistry of Beer" at a brewery, “Chemistry of Chocolate” and “Chemistry of Coffee.”

ISC provides a forum for scientists and technicians to share their work and their passion for it, and allow the public to interact with scientists in a personal way they wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to do. We don't care what's been forgotten since we were in school (or never learned in the first place). It's simply about continuing to promote and to exercise our inexhaustible human sense of curiosity.